Specialized Security for Events, Trade Shows, Conventions, Clubs, Personal Protection and High Value Protection bot Armed and Unarmed  


  •  High Value Merchandise Protection 

  •  Security Escorts 

  •  Special Security for Coin and Jewelry Events and Escorts 

  •  Quick Response Teams 

  •  Risk Management 

  •  Corporate Protection Service 

  •  Personal Protection Service 

  •  Threat Assessment Service 

  •  Specializing in Trade Show and Convention Security 

  •  Security Consulting Team 

All our officers have met stringent requirements regarding background screening and training. Our professional image is a priority.  


Looking for Top Notch Convention Security?

 Security is not a casual profession – in order to provide the best  protection, a security company needs to be highly trained in a    wide variety of areas. Whether you are looking for convention security  or merchandise protection, Positive Protection of Nevada has    the experience and training to provide the best protection available.
   We are especially experienced in providing security at coin and    jewelry events, including security escorts, corporate protection  service, and a threat assessment service. If you are planning a  convention,    we can help you conduct a threat assessment help you to manage any  risk to ensure the safety of attendees and their merchandise. With    armed and unarmed quick response teams, we are able to quickly react  to any situation and minimize any potential risk.    


What Should You Look for in Las Vegas, Nevada Security?

 What should you look for in a security firm? Experience, of course,  should be the first and foremost consideration. If you're looking    for security in Las Vegas, Nevada, the firm should be highly  experienced in the special concerns involved. Whether your convention    is on the Strip or elsewhere in Vegas, there are certain issues that  need to be accounted for. Positive Protection of Nevada has extensive    knowledge of the Vegas area, the various convention sites, as well as  the specific risks involved in coin and jewelry conventions.
   A common question that arises for our clients is whether to use armed  or unarmed convention security. The truth is, there is no single    correct answer. The answer may lie in what you feel is most  appropriate for your situation. Our Las Vegas security personnel are  trained    to respond to situations whether they are armed or not, ensuring that  you enjoy the highest level of protection at all times. 


Professionalism an Important Detail in a Security Guard Patrol

 Another important factor is the professionalism of your security detail.   Whether you have a single Las Vegas guard or a full-fledged security  guard patrol detail, it’s important that they reflect well on you and  your event.  Our security professionals take pride in their professional  appearance and conduct.  Each member of your detail will be dressed in  dark suits and ties, with gold identification badges.  This sets us  apart from many other security firms, and reflects positively on you and  your event.  You know a company that takes their image seriously is one  who takes their work seriously as well.